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In order to perform what it's been designed to do, Today could require access to your Google Classroom and/or Calendar data. We recognize that trusting an unfamiliar company with your data, especially when students are concerned, is a delicate affair.

This article answers most frequently asked questions regarding how Today handles your data. If you have any unanswered questions, please contact us and we'll make sure to address your concerns.

Why Should I Trust You?

Today is made by Intuitic Inc., a company that has been incorporated here in Canada since 2014 and has been selling the Studyo platform to schools across North America.

Also, in order to be allowed by Google to request access to your personal data, we have to go through a verification process in which we need to demonstrate to Google why we need this data and how we use it.

Finally, Today is listed on the G Suite Marketplace, which also requires going through a verification process with Google to ensure our app meets the security and privacy requirements of the marketplace.

What is Today's Privacy Policy?

You can find a detailed list of what personal data we collect, the purpose of which we collect this data, and how this data is stored in our privacy policy summary.

Does Today Store my Personal Data?

Today stores some user data on its cloud infrastructure in order to provide its services. Here is a list of the data we get access to and store:

  • User Email

  • User Name

  • List of courses entered by the user

  • Any task entered by the user and any attachments linked to these tasks

  • A copy of the data imported by external tasks such as Google Classroom School Work, Resources and Announcements

  • Due dates and next steps for each task from any source

Personal data such as your name and email address, as well as app usage metrics, are sent to 3rd-party services in order to help us provide a great quality of service and customer support.

You can see every personal data point that we collect, and which 3rd-party services we share them with, in our our privacy policy.

Does Today Sell my Personal Data?


How Does Today Make Money?

The company behind Today, Intuitic Inc, has been offering a complete organizational platform for students and teachers as a paid-for product to schools and districts for the past 8 years: Studyo. It is our main source of revenue, and we believe that schools who adopt the free Today product will discover the extra value offered by the Studyo Platform and eventually become customers.

We now also offer a subscription service to add some extra functionality to Today, such as connecting to Google Classroom. This also provides a revenue stream to the company.

Does Today comply with FERPA?

Yes, see this article for more details.

Does Today comply with COPPA?

Not quite yet, but we are working on it. See this article for more details.

How Does Today Use my Data?

Here are all the data access scopes that you must grant to Today, and why Today requests them.

See, edit, share, and permanently delete all the calendars you can access using Google Calendar

We need to see your calendars because Today displays your calendar events alongside your Classroom course work.

We need to edit your calendars because Today creates its own Studyo Today calendar, which it uses to store all your planned work sessions as events. For example, when you use Today to plan working on your essay Monday at 7pm for 45 minutes, an event will be created for that work session on the Studyo Today calendar.

We do not need to (and we don't) share or permanently delete your calendars. However, these permissions are part of the same lot: we cannot only request to see your calendars and create a calendar.

View and edit events on all your calendars

See above. It is not enough to have access to your calendars in order to display calendar events and create events for work sessions. We also need permission to view events on your calendars, and edit events on the Studyo Today calendar. We do not edit or delete events on any of your calendars.

View your Google Classroom classes

Teachers see a dashboard of all taught classes. For students, Today needs to know which classes they are enrolled in in order to fetch their associated course work.

Manage your course work and view your grades in Google Classroom

Students can view all of their course work within Today, including their grades. Today also allows them to manage these course work items, like marking them as completed.

View your Google Classroom class rosters

Today uses the class rosters to allow teachers to send an invitation to use Today to all their students.

Manage course work and grades for students in the Google Classroom classes you teach and view the course work and grades for classes you administer

When a teacher invites students to use Today, a course work is created and published by Today on the teacher's behalf.

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