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Do the most important stuff first
Do the most important stuff first
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When we have mountains of work, it can sometimes be hard to get started. We look at it all and feel like there is no way that we will ever get through it, so what’s the point. The trick here, is to know where to start! Here’s what to do:

  1. Look at all the assignments you have to get done.

  2. Think about each assignment and ask yourself which 2 are the absolute most important ones. These are assignments that are due very soon, that are worth a lot, and that require a good amount of work. These are the high-level important assignments.

  3. Then, look at the other assignments and ask yourself which ones will a good amount of attention, but that will not cause anxiety if not done right away. These are the assignments that are due in a few days, that are worth some points and will require a little bit of work. These are your medium-level important assignments.

  4. Finally, look at everything else and make sure that you didn’t miss any critical or important tasks. These are the tasks that will require little effort and that will not cause anxiety if not completed right away. These assignments do not usually take too long to complete. These are your low-level important assignments.

  5. Once you have gone over the items on your list, focus only on your two most important high-level assignments until they are complete and then move on to the next items on your list.

By getting your two most important tasks out of the way, you will feel a lot less stressed and more in control. Everything that follows will seem easier as well. It’s not always easy to get started, but once you do, the stress will fade away.

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