Avoid distractions
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One of the biggest reasons that we don’t get stuff done, or that we feel that we don’t have enough time to get stuff done, is because we let distractions enter our workflow.

Distractions can be from friends texting us, from getting lost in the TikTok loop, teachers emailing us, parents asking us questions or siblings just being siblings.

Sometimes, we end up feeling like we’ve worked for a whole hour, when in reality we only worked for 15 minutes. That’s because the rest of the time was eaten up by distractions.

To avoid distractions, turn off the notifications on your phone and set a timer. Politely ask your parents and siblings to not distract you during that time. Parents will likely be on board… siblings might not be so easy to persuade, but do your best!

Make sure that you don’t go onto any social media sites during that time. If you have to use the internet to get your work done, avoid checking your emails and messages. You can check them after. It will be an incentive to get stuff done.

By removing the distractions, work that normally takes an hour will take only 15 minutes. That’s a lot of extra time to do the stuff you actually enjoy!

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