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The Calendar views: Today, Week & Month
The Calendar views: Today, Week & Month

Learn the basics of the different calendar views in Today as well as ways to customize them

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Starting with Today version 4, you have the possibility of seeing your planned and due work items in a variety of ways including a Today, Week and Month views.

Each of these views allows different presentation options.

The Today view

The Today view gives you quick access to your daily plan. It display all the basic information you need, such as the date and any special events you have entered in your schedule's calendar.

It also displays any class schedules you may have entered as well as any due items or planned items.

If you have any items due on the displayed day but not assigned a due time, they appear in a column on the right.

If items are due during a class period, they will appear inside the class itself.

Finally, if you have planned to work on an item, the planned item, with it's specific presentation (an icon inside a rectangle of the color of the class) will appear at the selected time if one has been set or in the All day area if the time is undefined.


Although the view is called "Today" it allows you to see any day in your calendar. You can navigate from day to day in the top left of the window or pick a specific date by using the small calendar. When you are displaying a different day, you can go back to the current day using the "Go to today" button.

Today View Options

You can opt to display past items such as classes which occurred earlier that day or planned items which were set to an earlier time. Another option is not to display all details for each item to make the view more compact.

The Week view

The title of this view is pretty self-explanatory. But there are more options to discover.


You can opt for a more compact or expanded view

(Compact view displayed)

Show weekends

Useful to focus on your school week.


The Week view adds filters you can use to focus on certain areas. It can help simplify the presentation such as only displaying planned work sessions or due items.

When planning your study time for tests or exams, this is a great way to ensure you are distributing your time in an effective way.

The Monthly view

The name says it all of course, but here are some tips on using this view effectively

By default, Classes are not displayed but they can be. Most students rely on the monthly view to plan ahead for major projects and tests, so they do not display their classes. But your needs may vary and this is available via the Filters icon on the top right.

You can also do long-term planning for a specific class by deciding to only display that class and not others.

You can quickly go to a specific day's details by clicking on the date number.

Watch the video tutorial:

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