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Days with varying period times
Days with varying period times

If your classes occur on different times on certain days yet follow a cycle of days, you'll need to set up some various bell times.

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If your school doesn't have the exact same period times every day, you will need to create some variations and apply them to specific days of the week.

For example, say your school is on a rotating 9-day cycle, but on Fridays, your school has shorter classes. You will need to apply a different set of "Bell times" which is how we call the rimes for each period of the day.

Another example is schools which have a different set of classes on a specific days, such as adding an Advisory period or other special event every second Wednesday.

The possibilities are endless.

To do this, you will need to adjust your bell times accordingly. Here is how you would implement the first scenario of Fridays having different period times:

  1. Select Configure from the sidebar

  2. Select Bell times

Notice that one set of bell times is already created with the period times you would have created in the master schedule (called Regular). If you haven't created a master schedule you can still start by creating bell times.

3. Click the + to add a new set of bell times and specify the details

We are setting a different set of bell times, based on the Regular bell times and we will modify them after.

4. Resolve conflicts

Notice the warning sign which indicates some bell times are both assigned to the same day

5. Click on the Regular Bell Time's header and remove Fridays

5. Edit the Friday bell times

Click on each period and change the times

Now if you look at your weekly schedule, your class periods should adapt to Fridays.

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